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Tony Abbott Monthly Cover Sept 2014 The Mens' Club Monthly Cover May 2014
Abbott Detail Eric Abetz Maurice Newman George Brandis
Work in Progress Monthly Cover Detail March 2015
1 Bugner Australian Playboy~~ 1987 2 Berlusconi L'Espresso 1994 3 Berlusconi  L'Espresso 1994 Bossi 1994
Ochetto 1994 Illustration for Il Venerdì di Repubblica, 1994
Howard 2004HowardHoward
Latham 2004Latham 2004Illustration for 'Nils Holgersson' 1990Illustration for ''Nils Holgersson' 1990Illustration for ''Nils Holgersson'' 1990
Illustration for ''The Suicide Club'' 1993DavidThatcher National Times Feb 198616 Bowie Sydney Morning Herald 1987Jessica Anderson Il Giornale 1988
Martin Amis Sydney Morning Herald1987Gianfranco Miglio 1994Ray Charles National Times 1986
The Voyage of Naram-Sin